Maria Sharapova’s Candy Addiction

She is in fact so addicted to candy that she decided to launch her own brand of sweets called “Sugarpova.”

I guess being the highest paid female athlete and having deals with Nike, Sony Ericcson, Cole Haan, Tiffany and Tag Heuer isn’t quite enough for Maria.

…Or maybe she just really really loves candy.

On top of the adorable name Sugarpova, her line of sweets will be gumballs that look like tennis balls that come in containers that resemble tennis ball canisters. Awwwwww. (That’s a lot of balls.)

I think Maria Sharapova is on her way to becoming the Tyra Banks of tennis. Once her career is over she will still be earning money and continue to be in the spotlight for her clothing line and candy and endorsements. Woot.

One thought on “Maria Sharapova’s Candy Addiction

  1. Just another Blonde Tennis, player with big boobs and long legs, Just like that chick Anna K. She sucks at tennis, she is no Williams, sister Holla!


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