Why Doesn’t Carson Kressley Dance With A Man On DWTS?

A recent controversy sparked by Chaz Bono had me wondering something…

If Carson Kressley from Queer Eye is gay and on Dancing With The Stars, why doesn’t he get to dance with a man?

Chaz Bono is dancing with a woman, I understand that he is transgendered but if DWTS is so open-minded then why is that not happening?

They still don’t have a professional dancer who is comfortable dancing with another man?

They kind of all look like they would be to me so maybe that is up to the producers? I saw Lacey Schwimmer’s (Chaz’s partner) on TV the other day, she didn’t look so comfortable herself.

People are upset about Chaz Bono being on this season of dancing with the stars for one reason – Chaz Bono is the REAL face of transgendered America, and it isn’t glamourous. This isn’t The L Word or a Cliks video, Chaz Bono isn’t “attractive.” Certain people are startled by Chaz’s appearance.

…Plus the general population isn’t comfortable with transgendered people, less so than a gay man or gay woman, it is viewed as more taboo and it is slightly rarer, especially on TV. 

Obviously people who watch Dancing With The Stars are very open-minded already (I would hope) about the gay community. But if so then why oh why doesn’t Carson Kressly get to dance with a same-sex partner?

According to a DWTS executive producer, Conrad Green, Carson almost did get paired with a man, Green revealed,

“We try to follow what happens in real ballroom competitions…That was the original intention of the show. And while we are aware that there are same-sex couples, the competitions are usually mixed-gendered. It’s a performance, like actors, so we don’t think it’s odd pairing up dancers with incompatible sexual preferences, but based off abilities.” 

Kressley has been paired instead with Anna Trebunskaya. (Tres buns? Really?)

On another note, lay of Chelsea Handler, GLAAD. All she said about Chaz Bono was,

“The Dancing with the Stars cast has been announced and, this is season 13, it includes Chaz Bono, otherwise known as Chastity Bono, before she got her penis.” 

Are we not supposed to acknowledge the fact that Chaz Bono has a penis? What?? Chelsea Handler is far from a homophobe, she’s just a comedian who pokes fun at everyone. If SNL did the same thing I hardly think GLAAD would be as pissed.

[I don’t want to see Chaz Bono dance. I don’t want to see any of these people dance. I hate that show]

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