Scott Weiland Releases Tasteful Cover Album

Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland has released an album of very well-chosen cover songs. It is a digital-only album, available for purchase on his website, for $15 dollars.

The CD is out on Weiland’s label, Softdrive, and titled A Compilation Of Scott Weiland Cover Songs. (Funnily enough, it has no cover art, despite being a cover album)

Here is the tracklist:

1. The Stone Roses – I Am The Resurrection
2. New York Dolls – Personality Crisis
*3. Nirvana – Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle 
4. Radiohead – Let Down 
*5. The Lemonheads – Into Your Arms…
6. The Rolling Stones – Dead Flowers 
7. The Flaming Lips – Waiting For Superman
8. The Beatles – Revolution
*9. Depeche Mode – But Not Tonight
*10. The Smiths – Reel Around The Fountain
*11. David Bowie – Fame
12. David Bowie – Jean Genie 

[*= Songs I actually want to hear]

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