Elizabeth Hurley’s Gossip Girl Cougar Action

Hey Upper East Siders and all that cheesy lingo, a new promo for Gossip Girl season 5 is out and it looks like “Nate” is going to be getting ravaged by Elizabeth Hurley. It goes like this,

Elizabeth Hurley, to Chace Crawford:

“Is this the master bedroom? Let’s destroy it?”

Hmmmmm, he’s 26 and she’s 46 but she looks 32 and so does he, so I guess it all works out.

The show returns September 26th, 2011 with 24 episodes. Executive producer Josh Safran even promises a very special 100th episode in 2012.

The only nice thing I still have to say about Gossip Girl is that they did managed to not blow the entire show after the cast graduated from high school…

Otherwise, I’m a little disappointed. Without Taylor Momson (Little J) or Jessica Szohr (Vanessa) it seems like it will be noticeably lacking. At least they added one interesting new character in the Hurley cougar/snapping tortoise.

[What’s with Chace Crawford’s haircut? He looks like a Sergeant lesbian]

What do you think?

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