GQ’s Men Of The Year

Yesterday marked the annual Men Of The Year ceremony where GQ Magazine unveiled their (mostly) testosterone-driven covers for October.

I have no clue why they choose to announce one woman of the year?  Why pick the aging Dutch model Lara Stone? (And by aging I mean she’s older than me, which is older than the pyramids in that industry)…

Someone also please explain who Benedict Cumberbatch is? Is he Hubert Cumberdale’s long-lost brother from Salad Fingers?

Here’s the list of honorees from the ceremony:

Actor of the Year: Benedict Cumberbatch
International Man of the Year: Bradley Cooper
Band of the Year: U2
Cultural Icon of the Year: Trevor McNunn
Politician of the Year: George Osborne
Solo Artist of the Year: Tinie Tempah
Music Man of the Year: Hugh Laurie
Writer of the Year: Keith Richards
TV Personality of the Year: Professor Brian Cox
Comedian of the Year: Rob Brydon
Chef of the Year: Heston Blumenthal
Editor’s Special Award of the Year: Bill Nighy
Help for Heroes: The Armed Forces
Man of Next Year: Lord Sebastian Coe
Sportsman of the Year: Rory McIlroy
Designer of the Year: Tommy Hilfiger
Woman of the Year: Lara Stone
Inspiration Awards: Mario Testino
Tanqueray’s Most Stylish Man of the Year: Matt Smith

[Out of these 18 people I’m familiar with 7 of them. How many do you recognize?]

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