Soulja Boy Doesn’t Hate Soldiers

Hip-hop artist Soulja Boy, famous for the song “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” and his “Superman” dance, was slammed over Labor Day weekend by the media and public for his song “Let’s Be Real” where he rapped the lyrics,

“Fuck the FBI and the army troops…fighting for what? Be Your own man..I’ll be flying through the clouds with green like Peter Pan.” 

After the military demanded an apology and tried to get his music banned from their bases, he’s issued and apology and is even trying to have the video removed from the entire internet, as if it never happened.

DeAndre Cortez aka Soulja Boy told the press in a recent statement,

“When I expressed my frustration with the US Army, not only did my words come out wrong, I was wrong to even speak them,”

I don’t believe that Soulja Boy hates the troops or the military. He was being ignorant and controversial and I’m guessing he somehow underestimated the muscle size of today’s internet.

It’s a little disturbing that the absolute worst thing you can do, that is guaranteed to receive the most attention, is disrespect the army.

It’s also disturbing how quick the nation is to “demand” an apology. How are we ever to expect sincere apologies from people if it’s always for our own gratification and not theirs? Maybe people would do it on their own and MEAN it, if they weren’t always being pressured to.

An insincere apology is as useless and meaningless as his song, “Let’s Be Real” was.

“Let’s Be Real” is hardly as offensive as any lyrics from The Game’s entire new violent, woman-hating, gang-happy Red Album.  He shouldn’t have said it, but there are bigger things to worry about.

Soulja Boy isn’t exactly the smartest twig on the tree either, why even take anything he has to say into account? He’s not some highly intellectual member of society with seething comments about the troops, he’s a 22 year-old rapper who said a dumb thing.

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