Robber Dressed As Gumby Attempts Hold-Up

Monday September 5th, around 12:30 a.m, two men entered a convenience store in San Diego, one dressed as Gumby, in a robbery attempt.

The clerk however, didn’t take the Gumby thief seriously and ignored him, thinking it was a prank. This angered the green stick with arms, causing him to threaten the man,

“You don’t think it’s a robbery? Let me show you my gun.”

Besides being dressed as Gumby, the robber had another epic fail moment when he reached to get his gun but couldn’t find it in his bulky costume, managing only to procure 26 cents shortly before dropping it on the floor…

The clerk didn’t even report it to the police, though they found out later and treated it as a serious crime.

This epic failure of a robber is still at large, so watch out, he might drop nickels on your floor too.

[This crime is as serious as bubblegum in the mouth of a clown]

3 thoughts on “Robber Dressed As Gumby Attempts Hold-Up

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