Did Jwoww Get Botox Or What?

I keep watching season four of Jersey Shore and fearing the moments when I have to look at Jwoww’s stretched, unmoving face.

I went on Google image search on a desperate quest to find comparison photos and then sadly realized that she doesn’t actually look as different as I thought.

Can some expert surgeon examine Jwoww and tell me if she had work done? The gossiping, pop-culture-devouring monster inside of me really needs to know…

The cast should have pooled their money together for a “Situation” surgery fund, dude’s head is redder and more fucked up than Santa’s internal organs.

[Jenni Farley, before Jersey Shore, multiple boob jobs and potential botox]

2 thoughts on “Did Jwoww Get Botox Or What?

  1. She looked great before but she looks nice now, she definitely lost some pounds and I’m not sure if she did a botox treatment or not.
    Because I can’t see any wrinkles in the “before” picture, so why to do such a treatment if you don’t have what to treat.
    When I did my botox treatment in Toronto, my face was full of lines so I had to do it….but here there’s no reason, or at least I can’t see one.


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