Rihanna’s Naked Armani Bowl Haircut

Back in July it was announced that Rihanna would be the new face/body of Emporio Armani’s underwear line.

Now black and white photos have surfaced showing the Barbados pop star sporting a blonde bowl haircut/wig, and some very serious to sad facial expressions for the campaign…

Rihanna fills the tiny shoes of Megan Fox and Victoria Beckham before her in representing Giorgio Armani‘s underwear and jeans line.

These blonde rice bowl pics were taken by photogs Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, who also photographed Fox.

Her role will last a year, fall and winter of 2011, to the same time next year. Megan Fox will reportedly continue modeling for Armani’s beauty ads.

3 thoughts on “Rihanna’s Naked Armani Bowl Haircut

  1. I like her hair style though I would have to see it in colour to see it better, at the moment I prefer the crimson Red. I don’t know about these photos, they don’t say much about the underwear or jeans because the clothing is definitely not 1st or even 2nd priority in these shots, her positions and her facial expressions make her look prostituted, like she’s being used/abused sexually; the look of a damsel in distress doesn’t sell or feel right to me.


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