What Is Wrong With Cops These Days?

During the West Indian-American Carnival and Parade several members of the NYPD were filmed dry-hump dancing with some of the barely-dressed festival participant women.

However Commissioner Ray Kelly would rather not ‘make too much of it.’

He told reporters at a press conference after the incident occurred over Labor Day Weekend,

“I don’t want to make too much of it. You know, these young women approached the officers. They didn’t go out of their way to be approached like this.” 

Mayor Bloomberg also downplayed the officer’s behavior, calling it “bad judgment,” but condoned the police in general for their carefree attitude. He even made it sound like it was a good promo for tourist’s views of the NYPD.

After the incident in New Mexico (a cop caught on camera having sex with a woman on top of a car) you’d think police all over America would want to be more careful.

[Stop acting like you’re 21 and in Key West on spring break, officer Krupke]

2 thoughts on “What Is Wrong With Cops These Days?

  1. Although they’re just trying to have a good time and show everyone they’re not stuck up, angry cops, it was very unprofessional.


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