Warlock Sighting At Emmys?

Charlie Sheen will almost definitely appear at the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards, possibly as a presenter. I’m not sure WHY, except for ratings. (I kind of want him to go away, he’s starting to amuse me less and less)

The Emmys air a day before Sheen’s Comedy Central roast, and will be hosted by Jane Lynch, the funniest skeleton you ever did see.

Here’s who I want to win:

Game Of Thrones or Friday Night Lights for Outstanding Drama Series. Late Night With Jimmy Fallon for Outstanding Variety Series. Degrassi for Outstanding Children’s Program…

Michael C. Hall in Dexter, Outstanding Lead Performance in a Drama. Edie Falco in Nurse Jackie for Outstanding Lead Performance in a Comedy Series.

And the rest I don’t care about!

[I’m going to tape the damn Emmys like I usually do, then fast-forward basically the whole thing while I contemplate the reason for even taping it or continuing to have hope that it won’t suck]

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