Kirstie Alley Lost 100 Pounds, Looks Great

Kirstie Alley, 60, after a tumultuous struggle with her weight, revealed to ET that she’s finally reached her goal.

The Cheers/Fat Actress shared that she’d lost a whopping 100 pounds and is very happy with her size 6 body.

“I feel like I’m back in my element. I honestly didn’t even realize what I looked like.”

She even strutted out on the catwalk at NY Fashion Week during Zang Toi’s fashion show at Lincoln Center.

I always was of the opinion that there was something inherently unhealthy about Kirstie’s Alley’s face when she was overweight.

Not necessarily that she looked “bad” simply because she’d gained weight in her body…

After seeing this pictures, I think Kirstie looks amazing. Really young, fierce, and clear.

She attributes the weight loss not only to her stint on Dancing With The Stars but to Organic Liaison, the first USDA-certified organic weight loss system that Alley launched in 2010.

[I hope Kirstie Alley doesn’t end up in the tabloids again for rapid weight gain. It’s such a tug-of-war battle that I imagine she’s tired of being famous for/publicizing]

2 thoughts on “Kirstie Alley Lost 100 Pounds, Looks Great

  1. She always loses weight and gains it back I think it’s a suit I can’t keep track how many times she’s gained and lost weight but good for her somethings got to keep her busy


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