Naya Rivera And Heather Morris’ Glee Song Hopes

Naya Rivera and Heather Morris recently revealed their hopes for song choices on Fox’s upcoming season three of the hit show, Glee.

Rivera expressed interest in Adele and Billie Holiday while both Heather and Naya revealed interest in Paris Hilton’s underrated pop number “Stars Are Blind.”

Rivera says,

“I don’t have a dream song, I have artists I would really like to do. Maybe Billie Holiday. Some Adele…I want her to sing Paris Hilton, ‘Stars Are Blind…'”

While Morris agreed, and told the interviewer,

“We need to get me to sing that song [Stars Are Blind]…I want her to sing ‘Daydreamer’ by Adele. I think I just decided that!”

The duo also weighed in on their most memorable episode ever, the season two Britney Spears tribute. Naya Rivera aka Santana, talked about the hardships of singing in a swing.

Morris: “The music video scene took place in one long day, so it was just like a really long day for us. And Naya had to encounter a swing that wouldn’t swing right.”

Rivera: “Oh my God, that was the worst!”

Morris: “She couldn’t swing on this damn swing.”

Rivera: “I was so upset. So upset.”

Morris: “And she was wearing a white suit and they put her in leaves. They were like, ‘Oh, go play in leaves in your white suit, but you can’t get dirty’.”

Rivera: “‘Do choreography on this swing…'”

Morris: “‘… and then climb over a group of men.”

Rivera: “Oh my God. I was also just so out of it because Heather’s such a fantastic dancer and we’d be going from her great dance, shooting that and her killing it, to me trying to swing on this swing and look sexy. I was like, ‘I don’t do this! I can’t do this!'”

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