Nina Dobrev Mistaken For Emmanuelle Chriqui At Emmys

Nina Dobrev  from Vampire Diaries (left) was mistaken for Entourage’s Emmanuelle Chriqui (right) at the 63rd Primetime Emmy red carpet.

Several bloggers and websites such as Celebuzz and Zimbio cited Dobrev as Chriqui. It was in fact Nina Dobrev in a stunning red dress…

I’m not even sure that Emmanuelle Chriqui is there? Though she should be since Entourage is nominated. They do look exactly alike and their “acting” styles are similar.

Maybe they’re long lost twins, though Dobrev is Bulgarian and Chriqui is Moroccan, they’re both Canadian! And they both play characters that irritate me on TV.

12 thoughts on “Nina Dobrev Mistaken For Emmanuelle Chriqui At Emmys

  1. I got dressed up and all ready for the big show, I had to rush back home to get my marykay on. This is the secret of the industy. Silicone is old but Marykay will keep you fresh.


  2. Sammy, You are not allowed in my apartment anymore. You stole Holly’s leggings and her sisters cd’s. I have called your mom.


  3. K thi is my last post, or I will start feeling like you trolls Sammy, Holly……
    They do look alike though. By the way did Charlie Sheen, really create that saying. And I suggest a good article or poll would be. Is anyone going to watch two and a half men anymore? TO Me that is like having Sex in the city without SJP. Or The office without Steve Carrel. Oh yeah well I won’t watch that either.


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