The Charlie Sheen Roast Was Funny (But Not The Best Ever)

Monday marked the airing of Comedy Central’s Roast Of Charlie Sheen and while it was quite funny, to me it still ranked somewhere below the Flavor Flav and Pamela Anderson, next to the Hasselhoff roast, above the Shatner one. (Precise enough?)

The roast seems to be receiving more hype than I remember past roasts getting, and I realized it must just be the high-profile relevance of Sheen.

He’s almost bigger today than he ever was, but for all the wrong reasons…

The smirking bug-eyed warlock goddess (Sheen) took the jokes like a champ, chuckling and grinning the whole time. Never appearing angered by the various comedians who got up and slung as many insults as they could at him in under 20 minutes.

Jeff Ross (in a crazy getup) killed as usual, and even the people who you’d think would bomb hard did fine, such as Mike Tyson and Steve-O. But as usual it was the pros that killed it and “went there.” Like newcomer Anthony Jeselnik:

“Charlie, the only reason you got on TV in the first place is that God hates Michael J. Fox.” 

It was the second roast without Greg Giraldo, a comedian whose presence graced nearly all past events of the same nature.

Giraldo, who died last year at 44 of a drug overdose, was mentioned by Jeff Ross, who dug into Jeselnik, saying:

“Anthony Jeselnik, some people are saying you’re the next Greg Giraldo. Let’s hope so.”

Two separate jokes related to Grey’s Anatomy alumni Kate Walsh, something about William Shatner’s old “grey” balls? Which reminds me, there were an overwhelming amount of male roasters there! Maybe too many.

Fortunately Amy Schumer was there to fill the Lisa Lampanelli/Whitney Cummings void with borderline-inappropriate jokes like,

“When Ryan Dunn died Steve-O probably was thinking it could’ve been him, and I know we were all thinking ‘why wasn’t it?!'” 

And, the less shocking but still humorous, “Hey Mike [Tyson], here’s something you’ll never hear: Great tattoo!”

Schumer was the highlight of the whole thing (also some good old-fashioned race digs tossed at Patrice O’Neal) If you have the roast sitting on DVR and don’t have time for the whole thing, I suggest skipping to the part with the cherubic blonde lady.

Roastmaster/Family Guy funnyman Seth MacFarlane (Jimmy Kimmel turned down the gig, no joke) made an Amy Winehouse joke relating to Charlie’s foreseen “obituary,” and later threw in a Tyson lisp zinger with:

“Mike Tyson has beaten every opponent he’s ever faced – except the letter ‘S.’” 

Since Charlie Sheen has been the prime topic on hundreds of prominent late-night talk shows, news sources and media outlets in general, it was actually the jokes NOT about Sheen that were funniest.

How many jokes can you do about hookers and cocaine? If you want to find out, just watch the Sheen roast. Not half-bad.

[“This roast may be over, but I’m Charlie Sheen, and in (my heart) burns an internal fire. I just have to remember to keep it away from a crack pipe.”]

8 thoughts on “The Charlie Sheen Roast Was Funny (But Not The Best Ever)

  1. Greetings! I’ve been following your blog for a long time
    now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Huffman Texas!
    Just wanted to say keep up the good job!


  2. I think there all dumb, it is fake all I heard is scripted, some of the people who are being roasted know what they are going to say. What the fucks with that.


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