Justin Bieber Rented Out Staples Center To Watch ‘Titanic’ With Selena

Justin Bieber gave us take a look into the mind and romantic gestures of a teenage millionaire when he rented out Staples Center in L.A. just to screen the saptastic classic James Cameron flick, Titanic.

Yes, the entire Staples Center, the multi-faceted venue where massive concerts take place, including some of Justin’s own. Oh and the Lakers play there too, no big deal…

TMZ reports that Justin got the idea after seeing Mr. Deeds with Selena Gomez, his girlfriend of about eight months. (Something about Adam Sandler taking a date to Madison Square Garden)

All this happened last night, after the pair went to a Demi Lovato concert next door.

He led her to a deserted Staples Center to cuddle and watch Leo freeze to death while Rose sits selfishly atop her floating plywood oasis.

[That movie could easily be a foreshadowing of Justin’s career over the next few years]

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