Samantha Ronson Looks Older Than Lindsay’s Mom

Samantha Ronson and her long-time friend Nicole Richie went down to Mexico this weekend for some sun, fun, music and whatever else they have in common. A bunch of celebrity friends, I guess?

Anyway I noticed that Samantha Ronson looks older than Lindsay Lohan‘s mom, Dina, at least in this picture. Lindsay is of course Samantha’s ex. It’s just surprising that a 34 year-old…wait what???

Samantha Ronson is 34 years old? I really didn’t know that. Oh, and Dina Lohan is 49, so yeah, that’s weird. Does that mean that Dina is freak who doesn’t age? Or that Samantha just looks 15 years older than she really is?

[Is she blatantly checking out Nicole Richie’s a-cup bajingos in that pic or what?]

2 thoughts on “Samantha Ronson Looks Older Than Lindsay’s Mom

  1. Come on now. Sam Ronson actually looks surprisingly good in a bikini in the photos i saw on other sites. Not a fan of her usual style but credit where credit is due. She has a good body.


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