Lindsay Lohan Is Probably Boning The Guy Who Hired Her

German designer Philipp Plein (Euro Scott Speedman?) recently hired the desperate-for-work train wreck Lindsay Lohan, to represent his clothing in an ad campaign.

Lohan was photographed on Sunday in Bellagio, Italy, posing for some shots. (Below)

The real gossip is that Lindsay was spotted today in Milan with Plein, holding hands and looking romantical.

Now that I examine the photos I also notice that they were holding hands on Monday. Hmmm.

Well, the guy is handsome and not a hobo, so I say go for it!

I’m sure this is a great distraction from those other relationship stories about her making out with a married man and then apologizing for it?…

You know Vikram Chatwal, or whatever? Anyway, here are the pics of her and Plein shopping today in Milan:

And here are the pics from Lindsay’s Sunday photo shoot:

[What’s with all the bruises on her legs?]

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