Nancy Grace’s Peepshow

Now I know the abbreviation “DWTS” sounds like porno terminology (an extension of DP?) but I don’t think that’s what they intended when they made the show.

Somehow on Monday’s Dancing With The Stars the least sexy person on the show (besides Chaz Bono) managed to have a mild wardrobe malfunction.

Part of Nancy Grace’s bajingo fell out. Partial areola-disclosure and an abundance of breast lard, was definitely exposed.

(Click HERE for the uncensored pic)…

The “malfunction” occurred when the former attorney and host of her own HLN show finished her dancing segment, as she was standing still by her partner Tristan MacManus.

Host Tom Bergeron even made e a joke about the incident, saying: 

“On the European version that would be perfectly fine.”

Here’s a video, of absolutely nothing happening. According to most sources, the slip was seen by the audience, but blurred on camera.

Oh and Nancy went on and on and on about it on her Twitter, talking about her “breast petals” and “industrial strength” bra. AHHH!!! Make it stop!!

She even Tweeted a picture of herself holding said petals. ——->

4 thoughts on “Nancy Grace’s Peepshow

  1. Please no more fat chicks on here. I want to speak for all guys out there. If you are more then 25lbs overweight the only guy will do you either has a disease, has no self esteem… Or is uglier then your fat ass.


  2. I would hope that you would put a parental advisory warning on your website. I have restricted my daughter from reading this trash anymore. You will not be getting paid from your advertisers anymore from the Wagner, house hold.


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