Petey Pablo Sentenced To Three Years In Jail

Hip-Hop artist Petey Pablo has been sentenced to 35 months in prison in North Carolina, the state he was born and raised in. Pablo aka Moses Barrett III plead guilty to the charges in March, for possession of a stolen firearm.

Barrett was at Raleight-Durham International Airport in NC on September 11th, 2010 when security found a semi-automatic 9 mm pistol (that was loaded) in his bag.

On top of that, authorities realized that the weapon was stolen in a home burglary in CA in 2005. He will begin his sentence in December…

Oh and in case you forgot, Petey Pablo is the “artist” responsible for “Raise Up” (2001) and “Freek-a-Leek” from 2004, the last year he had a full-length album.

This is Pablo’s second known visit to the clinker. In 1993 he spent five years in jail for armed robbery.

[What goes through a person’s mind when they go through and x-ray machine at an airport with a gun? I want an X-RAY of their thinking process at that moment]

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