Hey, Snow White Isn’t Supposed To Smoke!

Photos of Kristen Stewart shooting her potentially epic fantasy/adventure film Snow White And The Huntsman have arrived!

She’s getting all friendly with the equine scene in armor and fagging it up (fags= cigs, not men who love Disney movies).

As usual, she looks a little flummoxed, but that’s how we recognize her, right?

It wouldn’t be Kristen without that shy look of discomfort. Though the is the last person who should be smoking, she looks deader than dinosaurs, mincemeat pie and Anne Heche…

And no, she’s not a bitch. She just doesn’t love cameras of any kind. There’s a difference.

This is the second batch of pictures (below) that allow us to get a feel for the film, check out the first group of promotional images HERE.

I don’t think Snow White is supposed to smoke cigarettes, mostly because they didn’t exist back then…

Maybe that’s the modern twist, the witch replaced the red delicious with some Virginia Slims.

2 thoughts on “Hey, Snow White Isn’t Supposed To Smoke!

    1. Another kristen hater,she is best actress in history!Period.God you people need to get lives instead of bad mouthing people your jealous of,and twilight was one of best films ever,hence the phenom it became,idiot


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