Naomi Campbell’s Birthday Present, An Eye Mansion

Yeah, no big deal, Naomi is turning 41 so her billionaire Ruski boyfriend, Vladislav Doronin, decided to build her an enormous “eco-mansion” in the shape of the Egyptian Eye of Horus.

It has around 25 rooms and five “lounges” and is said to be economically self-sufficient in its water, energy and food…

Hmmm, there’s really no such thing as food being “self-sufficient.” That just means Naomi will have a hoard of slaves shucking corn outside of her house…

Slaves? In abundance? That’s probably perfect, more people to verbally abuse and throw technology at.

“House Horus” is located on the Turkish Sedir Island also known as “Cleopatra island.” Iris-shape/dome architecturally conceived for by Luis de Garrido. 


3 thoughts on “Naomi Campbell’s Birthday Present, An Eye Mansion

  1. Wow maybe she should of told him to give 90% of this money to charity and taken a loft instead. This is so over the top. And makes me sick.


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