Beyonce’s Fetus Is A Diva, Dislikes Jay-Z’s Aroma

Beyonce, who revealed she was pregnant during the tail end of August, admits that she is turned off by the way he smells. Yes, Beyonce’s fetus is already shaping up to be a huge diva.

The former Destiny’s Child singer revealed that Jay-Z’s odor is repellent to her now, while promoting her new perfume, Pulse:

“I smell everything. If it smells bad, I smell it. My husband’s fragrance, his one that I always love, I hate right now. So thank God I have this one!”

I wonder if this is one of those momentarily reversals, like if being pregnant caused her to dislike Jay-Z’s cologne suddenly, maybe it also caused her to enjoy smells that she formerly hated?…

For example, if she previously loved the smell of let’s say, $100 dollar bills then we may now find her with her schnauze pressed into a pile of pennies.

Or perhaps she can revisit the set of “Telephone” and revel in Lady Gaga’s discarded yellow crotch tape, plus the smell of dancer perspiration that surely rises from the ground like Liberace’s ghost after an Elton John charity.

[Bet that baby practices Ninjutsu when she hears “Otis,” too]

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