Tony Bennett On Amy Winehouse: ‘A True Jazz Singer’

Tony Bennett spent time with Amy Winehouse during her final vocal recording for the song “Body And Soul” on his Duets II album.

Bennett recently told The Daily Show with Jon Stewart that he could tell the singer was in trouble.

He also mentioned to Entertainment Weekly that he had plans to sit her down in during his Birthday party in October, to express his concern.

Here are his touching words on Amy, to Jon Stewart:

“She was in trouble at that time because she had a couple of engagement s that she didn’t keep up but what people didn’t realize at that time [was] that she really knew…She really knew that she was in a lot of trouble. That she wasn’t going to live…

Tony, 85, continued, adding, “And it wasn’t drugs, it was alcohol toward the end you know. It’s such a sad thing because she was really, since Elvis Presley and The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and the whole contempory change that came in – she was the only singer that really sang what I call ‘the right way.'” 

He then said that “She was a true jazz singer.” Tony Bennett, I agree with you 100%. Amy Winehouse sang THE RIGHT WAY. Notice how he didn’t say that about Lady Gaga, who also worked with him on Duets II. 

His fondness for her is very touching, and sad. I will never forget the passing of Amy Winehouse… Or Heath Ledger (28) and Brittany Murphy (32), who along with Amy (27) died at very young ages.

There’s a moment in the video of her recording performance with Tony, at about the 1:07 minute mark, where she points upwards, and smiles. It’s almost unreal, how angelic and talented she was.

In the words of Russell Brand, She was a fucking genius.” [Rest in peace, Amy Jade Winehouse, September 14, 1983 – July 23, 2011]

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