Shakira Is A Single She Wolf!

Columbian superstar pop singer Shakira is single, after dating her 24 year-old soccer-playing boyfriend Gerard Piqué for six months.

Shakira, 34, reportedly kicked his Spanish (literally from Spain) black and white ball-squeezing ass to the curb after infidelity reports surfaced in the overseas media.

Shakira, who became famous in the states after her 2001 hit song “Whenever, Wherever,” split earlier this year from her agent/boyfriend Antonio de la Rua after 11 years of being together. (He s still representing her, in a business-like manner)…

The rumor is that Gerard Piqué  was the reason for her breakup from Rua. Damn lispy soccer players, tricking loca loca she wolves left and right with their dark-beards and precise dribbling skills!

[Now she’s free to share roller-belly-dance down the streets, grinning like la loba rabiosa]

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