Travis Barker Needs Hypnotherapy To Fly Again

Travis Barker opened up about his 2008 plane crash that left him and collaborator DJ AM (Adam Goldstein, who passed away in 2009) with critical injuries

The Blink-182 drummer who recently changed to a more healthy lifestyle that includes running and swimming and a vegan diet, says that his understandable fear of flying is hindering his professional life as a musician:

“Unfortunately I can’t do as much touring as I would like because I don’t fly, it’s an obstacle. I’m working on it though. I’m trying to get hypnotised, trying to talk to a doctor who retrains your brain. Maybe he’ll help me fly again one day…”

Barker sustained third degree burns and lost two of his friends in that tragic crash three years ago, after the jet  failed to properly take-off and burst into flames in South Carolina.

He’s also cured his prescription drug-addiction, a positive after-effect of almost losing his life:

“I can proudly say I didn’t even take any pain medication after I got out of the hospital. They told me I’d be on some of the medicine for the rest of my life, but I got off all of them.”

One thought on “Travis Barker Needs Hypnotherapy To Fly Again

  1. I won’t fly and I have never been what he has been through. I can understand his fear. I hate when people say you ahv to get over it, or it is safer. They don’t understand fear.


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