Artist XVALA Creates Embarrassing Mark Zuckerberg ‘Manhood’ Piece

Street artist XVALA (aka Jeff Hamilton) is the latest to capitalize on America’s obsession with celebrities, combining that fixation with shock value to somehow rationalize his “work.”

XVALA is kind of like Daniel Edwards (the Justin Bieber penis/Spears birth sculpture guy) who happens to be a frequent collaborator of Hamilton’s.

His latest artistic effort is a statue called “Mark Zuckerberg’s Not Very Well Hung Hanger,” that is actually made out of a hanger stolen from the Facebook creator’s trash.

XVALA said in a news conference that he “wanted to ‘expose’ Zuckerberg like he exposes Facebook users, daily.” (Yeah cause we are all being FORCED to use Facebook?)
 The hanger/penis is painted blue to represent Facebook’s page colors and is one of many in a series of work made of garbage belonging to various entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley such as the late Steve Jobs, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and Google’s Larry Page.

The art will be featured online and in various CA galleries. This is not XVALA’s first encounter with controversy. He recently posted Scarlett Johansson’s hacked nude photos all over L.A. with the words “Fear Google” printed across her ass and knockers.
[Mark Zuckerberg’s babyface and Google’s primary colors? Clearly the two most horrifying things on earth!! God save us all ]

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