TV Shows That I Wish Hadn’t Ended

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After reading the NY Times Magazine article entitled “My-So Called Adulthood” about America’s nostalgia for nostalgia itself, I suddenly had a flashback of my favorite old clothes, bands, movies and television shows…

Key word: Television shows. I was flooded with sadness that I will never see wisecracking Seth Cohen on The O.C. or Rose on the Golden Girls telling St. Olaf stories, or Christian’s depraved sex antics on Nip/Tuck.

So, here’s a slideshow representing my sadness at the loss of these shows. Rest in peace, awesomely psychotic Pretty Wild family, McNamaras, Phoebe, Marissa Cooper, Captain Jean-Luc Picard…Non-slutty Velma.

3 thoughts on “TV Shows That I Wish Hadn’t Ended

  1. I watched the O.C. when I was in Younger but don’t you think it doesn’t hold up so much anymore. I love the new 90210.


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