Nancy Grace Points Fart Cloud Finger At Dance Partner

After she (most likely) passed extreme gas on Monday’s Dancing With The Stars episode last week, Nancy Grace has denied the windy allegations, blaming her Irish partner, Tristan MacManus.

She joked on Thursday to reporters by saying, “If you listen really closely to that clip, it has an Irish accent.” Oh yes, that old trick. Blame it on someone else, someone less famous and less annoying.

We all know it was you Nancy. We know you eat nothing but hamburger meat and chicken cutlets sauteed in garlic and that it makes you toot like Thomas The Train.

You’re just a jolly lady who gets off on farting and exposing your breasts to strangers for the hell of it…

Now nobody can take you seriously as a reporter! Oh wait, nobody ever did.

Watching the Nancy Grace show is a lot like sitting and listening to your crazy Southern aunt have too many mint juleps and comment on random current events like the Conrad Murray Trial –

“I can’t believe he is getting away with this!! Oh my godddd, where’s the bourbon?”

[A fart fetish site called Clips4sale is trying the purchase the tape from ABC to appease their ‘flatulophiliacs’ fanbase, no joke]

8 thoughts on “Nancy Grace Points Fart Cloud Finger At Dance Partner

  1. FU! Mark. i will never call your sorry ass. And Kaye, I never have done it with my brother but yes he has jerked lots out to me or I should say my panties. Which have gone missing.


  2. My brother sniffs my panties to see if he can catch a fart I might of let out during the day. He is disappointed because I don’t fart, only in the shower!


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