Paris Hilton + Lea Michele = Beth Behrs

If you’ve been watching 2 Broke Girls like I commanded you to, then you’d know that there’s a new Paris Michele in town, well, the only one.

Kat Dennings’ ditzty ritzy riches-to-rags sidekick on the show, played by Beth Behrs, looks JUST like a 50/50 combination of Paris Hilton and Lea Michele.

Try and tell me you don’t see the similarities!

11 thoughts on “Paris Hilton + Lea Michele = Beth Behrs

  1. YES!!!When I watched 2 broke girls for the first time, I actually thought Beth Behrs was Lea Michele gone blonde!! They kind of sound alike too


  2. I first saw Beth in American Pie: The Book of love then one day I saw this girl (Lea Michelle) on tv, I tought is Beth with Black hair, but my friend told me its Lea, OMG they two looks alike like seprated at birth…….


  3. When I saw American Pie 7: The Book Of Love, every time I saw Beth I thought she looks like someone, but I just couldn’t figure it out, specially when she smiled she reminded me of someone, but then at the end of the movie it hit me, she looks so much like Racheal from Glee aka Lea Michelle XD and I agree with ingxun ;)


  4. ohya…i only think that she looks alike with lea michele, but u made the right thing to combine paris and lea together! COOL!


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