Scarlett Johansson As Useless Black Widow (Avengers Trailer)

I went from liking Scarlett Johansson in movies like Ghost World, to hating her, then Woody Allen convinced me that I loved her and now I’m pretty sure – I can’t stand her.

In interviews she’s vapid and sugary, and in movies, well, she almost always plays the same person. Some confused girl with a far-away look in her eye. But perhaps that IS Scarlett. I don’t know…

Iron Man 2 put the nail in the coffin. She is one of the least believable “badasses” of all time. And, as you will see in the new Avengers trailer she does little more than wrap her legs around some dude’s head and fall onto the floor. (Mirrors her sex-life?)

Same as Iron Man! I never read Iron Man comics, I am not knowledgable on Black Widow comic book mythology, from what I can tell she’s much more Ali Larter than Scarjo AND she has long hair, not short??

6 thoughts on “Scarlett Johansson As Useless Black Widow (Avengers Trailer)

  1. Yeah I agree. Pretty useless in the film and the acting sucked ass, i was cheering for the villain to decimate her by the end. Sad she has so much screen time cause the movie was really enjoyable otherwise. She’s there for boobies to satisfy the male audience. Her skills as a spy are totally not suited for the plot.


  2. For a start Black Widow is a human with no powers, unlike that of hulk, thor or captain america. Even hawkeye has some ultra creepy way of owning everyone with his arrows. And then Stark has his suit powered by his own mini tesseract gem. Im pretty sure in the comics all she does is wrap her legs around mens heads and pull them to the floor. She has a particular set of skills for which shield uses her for. Scarlet did an excellent job of portraying the character REGARDLESS of her hair being short in the film compared to the comic. (i mean come on, get a life. do u really need to be sad enough to nitpick that much)

    For a second, i believe this slate at the actress is really just an excuse to put 1 bad point on the film, because lets be honest, the movie is pretty much damn awesome.


    1. Well, I wrote this in October so I hadn’t seen the movie yet. Scarlett Johansson irritated me in Iron Man 2 and she will no doubt irritate me in The Avengers. Don’t nitpick me for nitpicking.


    2. You obviously hate Scar Jo. From your content your an angry lesbian who doesn’t shave her arm pits and lives in a hippy tree. I saw the Midnight showing and all my freinds and i agrred that she is by far the best part of the moive! You didnt event see the movie and wrote these negative comments, how lame is that shit! You cant write well either i should take over your site so you could see what it is to be good at it.


      1. I will not take advice from someone who doesn’t know the meaning of capitalization. I actually want to see The Avengers, but it’ll be hard to find a showing from within the distance of the tree I live in. DAMN.


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