Tyra Banks Spits And Slurps Whipped Cream For Fun

On October 5th, Tyra Banks stopped by the Rachael Ray Show to help us visualize her disturbing love for whip-cream (random fact: she hates chocolate).

Apparently America’s Ex-Top Model likes to sit on the couch sucking the goop out of her hand while watching Gossip Girl.

In September while promoting her book, Modelland she said,

“I have a ritual, I squirt it in my mouth and I actually spit it out because when you spit it out it like holds itself into a ball and I sprinkle caramel on it and sit in front of the TV and it’ll last for about five minutes before melting…”

On Rachel Ray, she called the spitting technique “extracting” (right after pulling a white ball out of her mouth). Ahhh Tyra, don’t you know that it’s rude not to swallow?

Watch the video HERE.

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