Lady Gaga Marries The Night (Music Video Photos)

Lady Gaga has been spotted all over New York filming the new video for “Marry The Night,” the fifth single off her multi-platinum album Born This Way.

Locations reportedly include Harlem and Staten Island. A video of Lady Balls Balls lazily writhing around on top of a car for this potentially underwhelming video can be seen HERE.

Did Britney and Gaga totally drop the ball here? In what world are “Marry The Night” or “Criminal” considered singles? Should be “Bloody Mary” and “(Drop Dead) Beautiful.” DAMN IT. “Bloody Mary” would have been perfect for Halloween too…

I want to dance (x3) with my three hands above my head like Jesus commanded, I don’t wanna get after-hours jiggy with it! Wrong type of “Marry,” Jesus MARY and Joseph, not Jesus MARRIED Joseph. Get it right.


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