People Don’t Like To Pirate Realistic Movies

The top ten most pirated BitTorrent movies list has been revealed and eight of the ten movies fall under the sci-fi or fantasy category, proving that besides Jersey Shore, reality is a drag.

Avatar, The Dark Knight and the original Transformers topped the list, no surprise, while The Departed and Kick-Ass shockingly inched their way in. Swedish Pirates Of The Torrent Cam: At Wit’s End also made it, at the coveted lowest position.

Here is the list…

1. Avatar (2009, fantasy) 21 million downloads
2. The Dark Knight (2008 sci-fi/action) 19 million downloads
3. Transformers (2007 sci-fi) 19 million downloads
4. Inception (2010 sci-fi) 18 million downloads
*5. The Hangover (2009 comedy) 17 million downloads
6. Star Trek (2008 sci-fi) 16 million downloads
7. Kick-Ass (2010 incredibly unrealistic action) 15 million downloads
*8. The Departed (2006 thriller/drama) 14 million downloads
9. The Incredible Hulk (2008 action/sci-fi) 14 million downloads
10. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (2007 fantasy) 14 million downloads

[You can argue all you want that Kick-ass, could happen, but I’m still not convinced that Chloe Moretz is a parkouring ninja]

What do you think?

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