‘Charlie’s Angels’ Axed By ABC

Charlie’s Angels, starring Minka Kelly and Rachael Taylor and executive produced by Drew Barrymore, has been cancelled after the airing of only four episodes.

The cancellation of the 1970s remake starring Farah Fawcett (though the show was much more reminiscent of the films starring Barrymore, Diaz and Liu) was announced on Friday.

The cancellation definitely had something to do with terribly low ratings, since the premiere garnished a modest 8.7 million viewers.

Hopefully this encourages Minka Kelly to focus on film. I want more Lyla Garrity and non-kitten killer lady from The Roommate…

Looks like some evil network execs plucked their wings. Everyone does need to start boycotting crappy remakes of 70’s and 80’s stuff though. (90210, Melrose Place, Footloose)

4 thoughts on “‘Charlie’s Angels’ Axed By ABC

  1. What a surprise why flog things that were okay but not great (ie the original 70s series) in the first place to death? I mean those films were pukesome – its like redoing Wonder WOman – we knew it was cheesy trash in the 70s but now in the cycnical 21st C what is wrong with the US studios – where’s the new Lost? (dont get me started on the ending for that though)


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