Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ Vid Mirrors Chris Brown Romance?

Rihanna’s new video is here, you know, the one that got her kicked out of a field in Northern Ireland because some sensible farmer was like, “Hey there’s a half-naked lady and a camera crew squatting in my wheat crop, what’s up with that?”

And people (me) were wondering if she was dating that dude in the video, purse-lipped boxer/model Dudley O’Shaughnessy who plays her boyfriend in it. People (me) are now also wondering if perhaps this whole video is inspired by her rocky romance with Chris Brown.

It depicts an argument between Rihanna and Shaughnessy (who slightly resembles Brown) fighting wildly in a car. This would of course represent the infamous fight between the real-life couple on the way back from a VMA party in 2009, where Rihanna was the victim of several punches.

The gem of Barbados can also be seen standing in front of a fire, singing her heart out like in the “Love The Way You Lie” video with Eminem, (also controversial for domestic violence-related reasons) AND there’s endless amounts of drug-use, not to mention this blonde fool tattooing “MINE” on her ass.

How romantic. Can I just say that I love Rihanna but I’m a little disappointed at her carelessness in romanticizing abuse in a SECOND video. She’s all over Twitter retweeting her fans comments about how beautiful it is, and “if you don’t know what love is then go watch “We Found Love.” The video is more horror than love.

She can express endless interest in whips and chains in her personal life, or talk about how she forgives Chris Brown and still cares about him but it isn’t the best thing for young girls to see/hear is it?

The song features Calvin Harris and is off her sixth album, Talk That Talk, due November 21st. Watch it now if you like being dizzy, having smoke blown into your mouth, stealing from grocery stores and getting spanked/inked while on copious amounts of acid, uppers and MDMA powder.

What do you think?

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