Criminals Busted After Posting ‘Heroin For Sale’ Fliers

In my lovely homeland of Oregon, six special individuals were arrested after posting fliers that read “Heroin For Sale” that included the drug dealers address and names.

Local police officers were tipped off by neighbors, who complained several times. Materials to cook meth, 20 grams of marijuana, various pill bottles, a sawed-off shotgun, $4143 in cash and 10.9 grams of heroin were found at the home, located in North Portland on Massachusetts Avenue.

Seven of the six adult (between the ages of 34 and 59) in the home were arrested on controlled substance charges, while one teenager was put into protective custody…

One of the neighbors was so happy that they baked cookies to share with the cops who busted them. Sergeant John Birkinbine said:

“They came out smiling, they were happy to see us, a lady brought a bucket full of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies to us to tell us thank you. We felt like firefighters for a few minutes.”

You can read more about the dumbest criminals I’ve ever heard of HERE. (And no, that is not the real poster, just what I imagine it would look like)

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