Perez Sucks At Judging Music Contests, Passes on Gaga Clone

Lately Perez Hilton has been asking his readers to send him videos of them performing covers which he will then rate and judge, thus picking the “best” one.

I’ve always read his blog, since it’s the biggest gossip site out there and quite useful BUT I completely disagree for the second time with his choices.

During his Britney Spears cover competition he picked some jazzy dude over this lady…

Now he’s forced talented musicians to cover Gaga’s “Marry The Night” (Why not “Bloody Mary” or “Electric Chapel?”) where it seems like Lady Gaga’s voice-twin entered the damn thing and he sorta passed her up for another toolboxy sausage fest.

I mean check out her Perez entry (above) not to mention her renditions of “Speechless” and “You & I,” how did this Gaga clone barely get mentioned??! Her name’s Rebecca Florence Davis, check out her YouTube channel HERE.

Someday, if I have enough followers, I will judge a singing contest, and I promise to be more fair and unbiased than Perez. Deal? Only girls will win, and if anyone covers Coldplay I’ll blow my rape whistle.

4 thoughts on “Perez Sucks At Judging Music Contests, Passes on Gaga Clone

  1. Yo! Well, thank you, so much. I know this is two years two late, but what’s up. This is Rebecca Florence. I appreciate the support so much, and am now in NYC with a band, Soul Candy, in full swing.
    And I’m also releasing a solo album, winter 2014!

    I wish I would have known about this sooner and I woulda’ said something/promoted your blog!

    Thanks again, can’t thank you enough. How cool.
    xx RF


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