Video: Friends – “I’m His Girl”

Latest video from retro-hipster-tween-indie-pop up and comers called “Friends” are here with a song that does not include the lyrics “I’ll be there for you” and hand-clapping/Jennifer Aniston in a fountain, though it is on the East Coast. Watch it/listen anyway…

Video director/band leader Samantha Urban says, “Whatever we sound like is just a product of us making music that we like to listen to.” Genres which she lists as “punk, post punk, kraut rock, prog, disco, afro beat, soul, r&b, new wave dance [and] dub.” Holy crap she’s so, to the point, just like Friends’ music and lyrics.

If you like “I’m His Girl” watch the video for “Friend Crush,” which is just as good.

What do you think?

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