Blake Lively And ScarJo Have A Lot In Common

And what do they have in common besides both being blonde and having nude leaked cell phone photos plus the same plump droopy white lady asses? Welllll Ryan Reynolds, that’s what!

Yesterday morning Scarlett Johansson, 24, was seen sneaking out of Reynolds’ apartment in Boston with Ryan and his canine friend in tow. They were romantically linked in 2010 during the filming of Green Lantern but this picture of them together seems like legit proof.

Unlike the gossip community’s tendency to link every hot-blooded actor and actresses who set foot in the same room, this is fairly sturdy evidence! Fingerprint-dusting, DNA, hair follicle type proof.

You’ve been caught, Serena Van Der Woodsen! And you too, Ryan. Ahhh schucks, just go rub your Canadian sausage abs on her sideways mouth and mole-covered body. No wonder he couldn’t stay with Sandra or Alanis, he’s only into yellow no. 5.

Random fact: Blake Lively began acting at the age of 11 and Scarlett began at age 9, but “upper eastsider” Gossip Girl Blake was born in L.A. while Scarlett was born in New York.

What do you think?

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