Jessica Simpson Invades Her Own Privacy

Let’s recap, Jessica Simpson will not confirm her completely obvious pregnancy, reportedly because her father is trolling around magazines for money and a cover story regarding his daughter’s fertility.

You know what she is totally okay with? Besides humiliating herself on television, not because she doesn’t know the difference between chicken and tuna (white meats, neither can fly, totally understandable), but because she married Nick Lachey, who is clearly a commandeered Nordstrom mannequin….

Tweeting a photo of herself on the toilet!! Okay so it’s not as bad as it sounds, it’s really just her feet dangling off the toilet. Also, I don’t get who took the picture?

At least now we know she’s an open-legged pooper, no pointed toes or modesty, a clear sign of confidence. Mrs. non-Marge Simpson is 5’3″ and in desperate need of a toilet that isn’t three feet off the ground and attached to the wall.

What do you think?

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