Beavis And Butt-Head Season 8 Premiere Recap And Stills

Beavis And Butt-Head have returned after 14 sad years, for their ninth season and they’re just as succinct and dumb as you remember.

Actually, that’s not true, the boys seem a little bit smarter, like perhaps their vocabularies grew since they were taken off the air in 1997.

The first episode of the new season, true to the original format and split into two stories, is titled Werewolves Of Highland/Crying.

B & B poked fun at Twilight, MGMT, Dubstep, True Life (Addicted To Porn) LMFAO and Jersey Shore.

The metal-obsessed teenagers (though technically they should be in their 30’s) watch Twilight: Eclipse, which gives them the bright idea to “become undead,” to attract women.

Here are the best lines from the episode, which you can watch for free on

  • “So, umm, is Bella a zombie? She’s always just like, standing there with her mouth open.”
  • You know, I might read more, if they put fire behind the words. Maybe if there was some way to set books on fire while I was reading ’em.”
  • “Grandma Jwoww, where did you get syphilis?”
  • “I will fight for you till your heart stops beating” (Quoting Eclipse, to women on the street)
  • “Never shoulda sent that kid to Hogwarts.” (Commenting on Skrillex’s “First Of The Year (Equinox)” video)
  • “Pornography? What’s That?…I think that’s like the study of porn.”

[Random fact: After giving a homeless man gum to bite them and turn them into werewolves, they contract hepatitis A, B and C,  gang green, MRSA, gonorrhea, and staph]

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