ICP Fans Are All Ghastly Violent Gang Members

Okay that isn’t entirely ture, but the Federal Bureau of Investigation has officially classified the Juggalos as a gang. You know, those guys you always hear about but hardly ever meet. Face-painting sadists who listen to terrible wigger music.

I only call them sadists because clowns are terrifying and the Juggalos and their leaders, Insane Clown Posse, intentionally pose as morally-corrupt circus misfits, typically with freaky white and black mime paint.

The Detroit-based Juggalos have been classified by the FBI as a violent and large gang that is well worth their time on the 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment report, where they are listed as a “non-traditional” gang.

The report compares them to the Latin Kings, and some other more ethnically diverse “hybrid” groups. Apparently, police officers in over 20 states have identified organized criminal activity from local Juggalos.

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