Kristen Stewart, Edgy And Carefree, In Vogue Italia

Kristen Stewart’s spread in Vogue Italia’s November issue is not only edgy, classy, andro and high-fashion, but it’s perhaps more informative than anything else I’ve read or seen about her in the past.

We learn that she need not work out to stay skinny (“We’re all like this in my family”) she’s organized, prefers feminine clothes, never lacks enthusiasm on set and despite popular opinion, loves her job.

She also tells the mag that she’s never displayed her natural hair color in any of her films, “Since I’ve been acting, I’ve never had my natural hair color, which is light brown. But it’s okay, it’s fun to see yourself differently when you look in the mirror.”

Also, she’s so happy with her job and past performances, that she can’t even name a particular director she’d want to work with, “I don’t even have a particular role I’d like to play or a director I’d like to work with. I just let things happen.”

Easy breezy beautifully awkward K-Stew, always managing to make people hate her for no reason. But could she put down the cigarettes for one sec? That’s my only quarrel…Here are the pics:

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