NatGeo’s Expedition Week Has Host Sampling Cow Urine And Three Penis Wine

November 4th marked the beginning of National Geographic’s expedition week! Their website describes that first episode as a chance “to see if traditional practices (of ancient cultures) can succeed where prescription drugs, surgery and therapy have failed.”

Seems like this is their more meaningful (or pretentious) version of Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern, where the next episodes sound more orthodox (or boring) since they focus on the Salem Witch Trials, gold, giant squids, Genghis Khan, and a race across Antarctica.

In the premiere, “The Witch Doctor Will See You Now,” dignified host Piers Gibbon literally says “I’m really looking forward to sampling the three penis wine” in his classy British accent.
And by the way, when NatGeo says they want to see if the practices of ancient cultures can prevail where everything else has failed, it means they want to feed Piers Gibbons and his group of volunteers a bunch of really fascinating but disgusting things.

Things like, field mouse wine, complete with sinking dead mouse corpse prize in bottle, and also “Three Kinds Of Penis Wine,” which contains dog, seal and deer dong. Other “medicines” include a boiled termite nest, cow urine and a chicken heart that hadn’t stopped beating.

What do you think?

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