Terrell Owens Is BROKE, Bank Account Drained By Bloodthirsty Baby Mamas

Terrell Owens is looking to lessen his many child support fees due to the fact that he has absolutely no money coming in.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Owens owes the following amounts:

To Kimberly Floyd, the mother of his 7 year-old daughter, he currently pays $15,000 a month.

To Monique Reynolds, the mother to his 12 year-old son, Terique. He once gave her $100,000 to help buy a house, and owes her $11,202 dollars a year. That amount was nearly twice that amount, until last year.

To Samelia Miller, who had his son in 2006, he pays $13,400 a month. To Melanie Paige Smith, the mother of his other daughter, he pays $5,000 each month, since 2007.

It’s really no surprised that the former 49ers/Cowboys/Eagles/Bills/Bengals/currently unemployed and nearly retired wide receiver is requesting reductions to these various fees.  (Monique And Kita really need to keep a closer eye on him)

On top of those amounts, Owens also claims to pay $62,366 a month for his various homes, most of which he is trying desperately to sell. T.O.’s rep says that the famed athlete is in no way trying to evade his payments or fatherly duties,

“He has tried to keep paying all of these mothers what they were used to year after year, basically putting himself into a financial crisis. He has always paid his child support payments and loves his kids.”

Let this be a lesson to all celebrities or regular upper-class folks…for every condom you don’t wear, that’s thousands and thousands of dollars being shot right up into some lady you’re not even gonna be married to in five years.

In the words of Natalia Kills…Wanna be like Midas/But my bank account is minus/Gotta stretch that dollar bill/STRETCH THAT DOLLAR.

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