Lady Gaga Loses Her Head On ‘X-Factor’

When I say she lost her head I’m not making a reference to how disappointing Born This Way was, when compared to The Fame and its expansion The Fame Monster. She just performed on Sunday night’s X-Factor in a headless horseman-style outfit. I would tell someone to remind her that Halloween is over, but in true Ministry fashion, “every day is Halloween” for Lady G-String.

I heard a rumor that Lady Gaga fired her choreographer, Laurieann Gibson, and I was really hoping it was true. Someone needs to be honest…Lady Gaga can’t dance. I’ve seen her live and on TV endlessly and she’s just plain bad. If she were an average girl dancing in a club in Kansas, maybe I’d give her four stars, but as a mega pop star, it’s hard to overlook.

This performance of “Marry The Night” is fine, until she takes off the corpse baggage and begins to dance just like a dead body would, marionette-style.

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