Beyonce Does ‘Countdown’ With The Roots

If you’re wondering why she didn’t perform “Party,” her more recent single, it’s because this episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon was taped several months ago, in July. No clue why it took so long for them to air it.

It did seem suspicious, how not-pregnant Beyonce looks, and how much energy she has. Is she sucking the vitamins out of her fetus, or what? I hope it has enough energy to come out awake, cause Jay and B are going to expect it to serenade them with covers of “Big Pimpin” and “Bootylicious” upon arrival.

The baby was of course, announced at the end of August, so in this video Beyonce is hardly pregnant. What a letdown. Oh well, she remains superhuman.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she lived to be 170 years old, had two more kids, and was still performing and releasing six music videos in six months.

What do you think?

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