Emma Stone As A Frenchy And A Pervy Old Broad, On ‘SNL’

I’d put her female comedic timing right up there next to the Anna Faris and Jennifer Anistons of this generation. Her dialogue-less physical humor in “Les Jeunes de Paris” and as Kristen Wiig’s inappropriate co-worker in the bridal shower skit were astounding.

I too wish I could give my recently married friends the gift of anal lubricant (“unscented petroleum gel, to ease anal penetration”) and/or human toilets, but alas they have banned me from all events of that type and have restraining orders against me. It’s probably because my laugh isn’t as funny as Emma Stone’s.

Best lines? “I’ve never been to a bridal shower before.” And the repetition of “did I do wrong?” The only thing wrong with Emma Stone being on Saturday Night Live was the fact that she was accompanied by Coldplay, featuring Chris Martin in a tighter and pinker shirt than last week’s Adam Levine. Is it a trend to have female-fronted bands on the show now?

Also check out Technology Hump, if you were wondering how an iPad would mate with an Xbox 360 controller…Or watch the full episode, on Hulu.

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