Dear Netflix: ‘Teen Mom’ Is A Show With A Strong Female Lead?

I can justify most of the ridiculous suggestions on Netflix and have never found them obscenely offensive until now. As you can see from this screenshot of my account, MTV’s Teen Mom is under the category “TV Shows Featuring A Strong Female Lead.” (The Hills is on there too)

I’d really like to ask whoever puts these lists together what the hell they’re thinking. Does having a baby make you strong? I mean, honestly it should, let’s just be truthful though, the strong thing to do as a teenage mother is not have a baby.

I’m just considering the earth’s growing population and the general misguided “trendiness” of having babies that ultimately grow up to be The Situation or future Teen Mom/16 And Pregnant cast members. And, if you were a “strong” mother, you certainly wouldn’t be on a reality show.

I saw an episode of TM where some girl named Catelynn had a baby with her stepbrother, then ended up being some kind of “role model” for the show, teaching other mothers about adoption and whatnot. Really MTV??? REALLY?

Dear Netflix and MTV Teen Mom executives: you, Michael Vick and these Occupy whatever hobos plus PETA for protesting Super Mario Brothers, you’re officially on my shitlist. (Shitlist = a list of people who should have been aborted, also, an excellent L7 song)

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